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Double knockout tournament at the very end of the year. 

Seeds. The seeds were kept apart for the first round.

1. Pressure, 2. MiniMorgue 3. Tempest 4. WSC

Chaos V Duckbil V Wheely Small Cheese V Plunderbird

[Plunderbird OOTA, DB on back, WSC OOTA]

Pannic Attack V X terminator V Tempest V Pussycat

[PA and XT on back. Judges against Pussycat]

Wild thing V Pressure V Suicidal Tendencies V Blade

[Blade immobilised by ST (tap out). WT over by Pressure. Close judges choose Pressure]

Mini Morgue V Santax V Scorpion V Cassius
File:IMG 0709.jpg

[MM went after Cas. and got them OOTA. Thenput S and S on side]

Semi Finals:

Pressure V Chaos

[6 second OOTA]

Mini Morgue V Tempest

[On back 14 secs. Out at 28 secs.]

Tempest V Chaos

[Tempest easily on top. Lots of rams. But Chaos got killer flip in. OOTA 40 secs. Tempest V pressure now...]

Loosers: Plunderbird V Duckbil V Blade V XT

[Dukcbul and Plunderbird OOTA. Blade on back]

File:IMG 0694.jpg

WSC V PA V ScorpionV Santax 

[WSC flips Scoprion out- big flip, the PA over. Santax kept getting under them. Judges for Santax]

ST V Pussycat V Cassius V WildThing

[Pussycat OOTA by Cas. Cas winning but technical failure + smoke. Judges  for WT & ST. ST won]

Loosers rd 2

XT V Santax V ST

[Santax destoryed by ST crusher. XT tap out.]

File:IMG 0693.jpg

Loosers rd 3

Pressure V Mini Morgue

[on back 22 secs]

Loosers Round 3.5

Pressure V ST

[Pressure had lots of rams and flips. Pressure got 2 good grabs but not crushes. Judges.]

Loosers Rd 4

Tempest V Pressure

[Close, OOTA at 58]

File:IMG 0704.jpg

FINAL: Chaos V Tempest

[27 secs Tempest OOTA. Win to CHAOS]

IMG 0706

Winner: Chaos

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