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UK== RW (extra page)

RR 1 & 2 (2 not in use)

RL ().

RL and RR


Battlebots 1

The 1st Battle Bots arena was fully encolsed. It was one of the smallest HW arenas ever. Hazards included hammers, saws and spikes. 

Battlebots 2 (very big)

The second BB arena was one of the largest ever. It was again fully enclosed (this time with a roof too). The only hazards were hammers (which were removed eventually). 

Robogames 1 & 2. 

Robogames is a grade 1 arena. It has 2 high walls, with glass very 


close (so OOTAs are uncommon), and two lower walls, with a larger gap before the glass (OOTAs more common here). 

As in Battle Bots opposing robots start in red and blue squares on either side of the arena.