Battlebots series hmmm was won by Kronic, with Pulveriser coming second.


3 heats with 8 robots in each were fought, producing 3 winners and 3 runners up. The 3 runners up fought in a playoff, the winner of which joined the 3 heat winners in the semi finals.

There were 11 US robots, 8 british robots and 2 Dutch robots


Heat A:

Pulveriser, Stinger (US), Wild Child, Demolition Man, Biohazard, Panzer 4, Neater Machine, Thunderbird.

Round 2: Pulveriser v Panzer4 (Winner, Pulveriser)

Round 2: Wild Child v Biohazard (Winner Biohazard)

Heat Final: Biohazard v Pulveriser (Winner Pulveriser)

Heat B:

Sparticus, Kronic, Sewer Snake, Universal, Titanium Dioxide, Wacker, Killer Karrot, Drill Zilla.

Round 2: Kronic v Killer Karrot (Winner: Kronic)

Round 2: Sewer Snake v Drill Zilla (Winner: Sewer Snake)

Heat Final: Sewer Snake v Kronic (Winner Kronic)

Heat C:

Thunderbolt, Bigger Brother, Tilly, TRipper, Judge Shredd, Gold Digger.

Round 2: Thunderbolt v Judge Shredd (Winner: Thunderbolt)

Round 2: Bigger Brother v Gold Digger (Winner: Bigger Brother)

Heat Final: Bigger Brother v Thunderbolt (Winner Bigger Brother)

Loosers Playoff:

Thunderbolt v Sewer Snake v Biohazard (Winner: Thunderbolt)

Semi Finals:Edit

Pulveriser v Bigger Brother (Winner: Pulveriser)

Kronic v Thunderbolt (Winner: Kronic)

Final: Edit

Kronic v Pulveriser (Winner: Kronic)

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