Chaos 2 before series 1

Chaos was one of the first robots to be made. They, along with Origional Atomic, Typhoon1 and Tornado, were used as a demo robot, to get others into the sport.

Chaos is the only robot, of the First Four, to have not reached or won a grand final.

Series 1Edit

In their opening round Chaos fought Raging Knightmare, Stratosfear and Merlin. They progressed alongside Merlin who they met again in the heat final. Here they lost out to Merlin.

Series 2Edit

For series 2 Chaos were seeded 7th. The highest seeded robot not to reach the semi finals. 

In their heat they fought Ansgar, Big Beahmoth and Dominator. They reached the heat final where they eliminated Big Merlin.

In the first round of the semi finals they met Tempest. Tempest used their scoop perfectly to pick up Chaos and put them in the pit. 

Series 3Edit