DRG summer13gh.

Robots fightingEdit

Gravity, Old Gravity, TAN, Tsunami, Mechaniac.

The 5 robots fought in a round robbin tournament. 


Fights DRG13
Gravity Hanibul OldGravity TAN Tsunami Mechaniac
G x Grav (OOTA) Gravity (OOTA) Gravity  (OOTA) Tsunami (Self OOTA!) Gravity (OOTA)
H x Hanibul (Over) Hanibul(OOTA) Tsunami (OOTA) Han (OOTA)
OG x TAN (pit) Tsunami (OOTA) OG (Pit)
TAN x TAN (Pit) TAN(ko+pit)
Ts x Tsunami (OOTA)
M x

FInal Scores:

Gravity- 4

Hanibul- 3

Old Gravity- 1

TAN- 3

Tsunami- 4

So a grand final between Gravity and Tsunami: Both had flips, but Gravity flipped Tsunami OOTA.

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