Previous DRG14

Seeds- 1)Grav 2) TAN 3)HH 4)Tsunami

2 pods, 1 of 4 & 1 of 5

POD 1: Gravity,Tsunami, Spike, Lucifer

POD 2: TAN, HH, Hanibul, Envy, Kanopener

POD 1 results:

Gravity V Tsunami

Gravity V Spike

Gravity V Lucifer

Tsunami V Spike

Tsunami V Lucifer

Spike V Lucifer

Spike V Titan (UK)

Licufer V Titan (UK)

Gravity V Titan (UK)

Tsunami V Titan (UK)

Tsunami: 4

Gravity: 2

Lucifer: 3

Titan: 1


POD 2 results:


TAN V Hanibul

TAN V Envy

TAN V KanOpener

HH V Hanibul

HH V Envy

HH V KanOpener

Hanibul V Envy

Hanibul V KanOpener

Envy V Kan opener

TAN: 4

HammerHead: 3

Envy: 2

Kan Opener: 1

Hanibul: 0


Tsunami Vs HammerHead Pit

Lucifer Vs TAN Pit


Lucifer Vs Tsunami Pit!

Final Positions:

1st: Lucifer (GER)

2nd Tsunami (GER)

3rd TAN (NED)

4th HammerHead (NED)

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