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Achievments Edit

Dantomkia was the winner of UK RW series 5. They were also runners up to Kronic in series 1 and Typhoon in series 2. They won the second RW World Championship, beating TAN, Ripper, Lightning and Lego Ewe. Dantomkia also won 2 Annihilators, Roaming Robots, and Battlebots 4 (citation needed).


Dantomkia has chaged very little since the first series. Minor modifications hvae included additional perspex on the top and front for added protection. The biggest change was for battlebots 5 (citation needed) when a large front end was added as an antispinner device. The cover completely covered the robot, adding an extra layer of protection against powerful US (and UK) spinners. The addition still allowed the flipper to fire with it's origional power.

RW Series 1Edit

Dantomkia fought in heat E of RW1. In the first round they fought Storm, Big Nipper and Axe. They fought and beat Terrorhurtz in the heat final.

In the finals, together with Firestorm, they eliminated Ripper. They then fought and beat Atomic.

In the Grand Final they lost out to Kronic to gain 2nd place.

Series 2Edit

Dantomkia was seeded 2nd for series 2 after their grand final defeat the previous year.

In round 1 they Stinger, Wasp and Kronic 3. They fought The Original Atomic in the Heat final and beat them (although The Origional Atomic re-entered the competition later).

In the semi final Dantomkia fought the new Ripper 2. They flipped them OOTA.

Dantomkia then fought Atomic and Typhoon. Both Dantomkia and Atomic were immobilised by Typhoon at roughly the same time, but Atomic went into the pit so DTK and Typhoon progressed. 


Dantomkia fought Ripper in the grand final qualifyer. Ripper was flipped around the arena by DTK until something internal broke. DTK then swiftly flipped them OOTA as they did the earlier in the semis with Ripper 2.

Grand Final

Typhoon V Dantomkia. Typhoon was a feared robot at this stage. Dantomkia had flips at the beginning but none were sucessful, towards the end Typhoon was deffinately stronger. A lot of serious hits from the spinner. Dantomkia was slowed by the end of the fight, but both survived to a Judge's Descision.

Judges decision:

  • Agression: Typhoon
  • Control: Dantomkia
  • Style: Dantomkia
  • Damage: Typhoon

Dantomkia was beaten in the final by Typhoon, finishing 2nd for the second year running. 

Series 3Edit

In the first round of their heat, DTK fought Daisy Cutter, SMIDSY and M2, progressing with SMIDSY. In the second round they fought Chompalot, beating them to then play Thermador in the heat final. Here they beat Thermador.

In the semi finals


The robot is still active, occasionally competing at Roaming Robots and Robots Live events, although not regularly.

IMG 0452

Dantomkia in 2012

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