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DuckBill was a flipper robot which competed in RW. There was 1 featherweight on which 2 heavyweights were based.

The DuckBill robots were unique in that the flipper was fixed to the body of the robot (instead of being hinged) and a pneumatic ram pushed down, lifting the whole robot up as it flipped. The design was very sucessful in the featherweight but less so in the heavyweights.

Series 1Edit

In series 1 DuckBill reached the heat final of their heat, where they met (and lost to) Ripper.

Series 2Edit

For series 2 DuckBill was seeded 11th, their highest seeding ever. In the first round of Heat A DuckBill fought Yello, 101 and 3rd seede Firestorm. They did not make it to the heat final. 

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