The Featherweight Championships was a featherweigth event held by Stallion Skirmish. 30 Lightweight robots competed. The winner was Pressure, beating Tempest in the final. 


Dominator V Ewe V Min Underdrive

Mini Morgue V WSCheese V Storm V TopBot

Kronic V PA V Panzer

Pussycat V Plunderbird V Scorpion V Suicidal Tendencies

Kan Opener V Chaos V ZA V Killer B

Wild Thing V Sewer Snake V Tempest V IronAwe

Hypno V Atomic V FireAnt V Pressure

XT5 V Razor V Turbulence V Beahmoth


Storm V Pressure V Min Underdrive V Suicidal Tendencies

Tempest V Killer B V Kronic V XT5


Tempest V Pressure

Winner: Pressure

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