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Gravity is a Dutch competitor robot who fought in the UK, Netherlands and US.

Achievements Edit

Gravity has won the RW world championships twice (citation needed) with ZA running up both times. The have also been runners up twice, loosing to ZA both times in the final. Therefore. Holland has won the RW world championship twice, both times due to Gravity.

Gravity was the winner of BattleBots 2 (citation needed). They were the first and only robot to breach theBattlebox , throwing Stinger (US) over the top of the perspex. They went on to win.

Gravity also won the one series of DRG.


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Gravity first competed in series 2 of RW. Gravity 1 was a small wedge shaped P3 flipper, which had limited sucess. Gravity 2 has a P. grade flipper, and was and is one of themost powerful flippers in competition.

Gravity 3 was the same robot as Gravity 2, but with improved (computerised) armour. The decal alternated between red and perspex and grey and brown.

Series 2Edit

Gravity fought Storm, Razor and Ripper 1 in their heat and lost in the first round along with Storm.

Series 3Edit

Robot Wars 8 Edit

Won first round IA7

Lost seconds against Stinger (SS)


Gravity is still regularly competing and winning events at live shows. They made it to the semi filans of the RR 2012 tour, when they were beaten by Killer Karrot and blah (citation needed). 

In the UK8 RR tour, Gravity's local-final fight with Sewer Snake was voted Best Fight of the Year.