The Robot Combat hall of fame.

Hall of FameEdit

Kronic- RW Champion, International Champion

Typhoon- RW Champion, International World Championship Runner Up

Tornado- RW Champion

Terrorhurtz- RW Champion, RR Winner

Dantomkia- RW Champion, BB Champion, RR Winner, Annihalator winner, RW runner up x2,

Cassius- RW Champion, BB Champion, RR Winner, RL Winner x2, 

ZA- RW Champion, RW World Championships winner, RW World Championships runner up, UK Champion # 9 (2 time UK Champion)

Gravity-  RW World Championships winner,  RW World Championships runner up, 

Atomic- 3 time  RW Runner Up

Killer Karrot- 3rd Robot wars 2nd place. 6th RW came 3rd (beaten by Cassius, beat Universal). Won Champions Championship (beat Gravity and Terrorhurtz).

Wasp-  UK Champion #8, 2nd International World Championships

Sewer Snake- Battlebots Champion. 3rd Robogames Champion, 2nd Robogames Runner up, 1st Robogames 3rd place

Maximum Destruction- 2 time Robogames Champion

Honorable Mention

Ripper- Finished 5th series 1, 2nd series 9, Annialator champion,


Iron Awe- Roaming robots Runner up (to Scorpion), 3rd in UK Champs #8, 

Scorpion- Roaming Robots Champion, Hexagon champion



Tsunami- 1st International World Championships Maximum Destruction- 2nd Robogames Champion, 1st Robogames Runner up, 2nd International World Championships runner up, 


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