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There have been 6 Iron Awes. In every series of RW there was at least one Iron Awe competing.


Iraon Awe 5 were runners up to Scorpion in the RR championships. They were also runners up to (HMMM) in RR. In the 8th UK Championships they finished 3rd behind Wasp and Silver Fling Thing.


IA1 had an axe and a flipper. It was structurally weak and did not make it past round one in their heat.

Iron Awe 2.1 had a smaller flipper and a more powerful axe. The body of the robot was stronger than before. This was introduced in series 2.

Iron Gore was similar to Iron Awe 2.1 but with a wider flipper (and painted green instead of yellow). It was also introduced in series 2.

Axe Awe was very similar to Iron Gore. It had a sharper axe. It was introduced in series 3.

Iron Awe 5 was a complete redesign. It was only a large wedge with a full P. flipper on the front. This proved much more sucessful than any previous Iron Awe. This robot finished 2nd to Scorpion in the RR winter tour, and then finished 2nd the following year to BLAH.

Iron Awe 6 was a similar (but more sleak) design to IA5.

IA 6 was modified for the RR 12gh UK championships to have a more powerful flipper. Some said this put it on a par with Gravity.
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Series 1.Edit

Iron Awe fought in heat A against MutePussycat and Kronic (4). They did not make it past round 1. 

Series 2Edit

Iron Gore fought X-Terminator, Kronic (1st seede), and Chompalot. They did not make it to the heat final.

Iron Awe 2.1 fought in heat C against Atomic (4th seede), Hypnodisk and Kronic the Wedgehog in the first round. They progressed alongside Atomic, who they met again in the heat final. This time they lost to Atomic. 

Iron Awe 1 fought in heat G against Ewe (8th seede), The Origional Atomic and War Hog. They didn't make it past the first round. 

Iron Awe New was also entered into series 2. In heat J against Tempest, Weird Alice and Grim Reaper. They did not make it to the heat final. 

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