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Achievements Edit

Kronic competed and won Series 1 of UK robot wars. In the same year they also won the RW World championships.

In RW series 1, 3 Kronics competed. The team entered more robots than any other team that year. Despite this, only one of the robot (Kronic 3) passed the first found. Kronic 3 in fact went on to win the Grand Final.

Series 1Edit

Kronic fought in Heat F, the final heat of series 1. In the first round they fought Tornado and 3 Featherweight robots. Tornado was eliminated and Kronic and the 3 Feathers went through. They won their next fight and fought the 3 Featherweights again in the heat final, beating them. 

In the semi finals they fought Atomic and Merlin. Merlin was eliminated. 

Kronic then fought Firestorm who they beat to qualify for the Grand Final against Dantomkia. 

In the Grand Final Kronic beat Dantomkia, making they Series 1 Robot Wars Champions. 

Series 2Edit

In Heat B Kronic was seeded number 1 as returning champion. They fought X-Terminator, Iron Gore and Chompalot in the first round. In the second round they narrowly beat Mute II. Mute II were given an honerable mention and a seeding in the 3rd wars (despite only winning one fight). In the heat final they fought and beat Stratosfear.

In the first round of the semi finals they fought 12th seeds Tornado. Tornado created a shock when they put the top seeds into the pit!


There have been # Kronics over the 7 series, including two featherweights and one superheavyweight. 

Kronic the Wedge-hog (smaller flipper)


Kronic 2 Kronic 3 (RW1 Winner) Kronic 4

New Kronic (Series

Big Kronic (new)

Small Kronic (new)

Kronic the Wedge-Sow Plasticine FW KronicPaper FW Kronic Kronic SHW


Kronic # still competes at live events. 

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