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Achievments Edit

Merlin came 6th in RW1.


There have been five (?) Merlins since series one. All have been invertable witha flipping arm on top. At least one Merlin has competed in every series of Robot Wars.

Merlin 1, small, flat, black box with a flipping arm. Came 6th in RW1.

Merlin 2, Series # to #, more agile. Green down sides and optional anti axe protection.

Merlin 3, Blue decal, series #. 

T- Merlin, Metalic silver decal.

Merlin BIG, large box, prototype merlin. 

Series 1Edit

Merlin 1 fought in Heat C of RW1. In the first round they fought Chaos 2, Raging Knightmare and Stratosfear. They won through to the heat final where they beat Chaos 2.

In the finals they lost to Atomic and Kronic in their melee. They then went on to loose the5/6th place playoff to Ripper. They were awarded 6th place for series 1.

Series 2Edit

Merlin were seeded 6th for series 2 but did not even make it into the heat final of their heat. The New Merlin (number 2) fought in heat J and made it to the heat final where they lost to Tempest. Merlin BIG also made it to their heat final where thy lost to Chaos 2, revenge for their defeat in series 1?


Merlin 2 still regularly competes at live events and reached the semi finals of roaming robots in 2012 (cittaion needed).

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