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There have been 3 Mute robots, the first fought in Series 1 of RW.


Mute has always been reasonably sucessful in the main RW competition. They also won an Annihilator, beating Terrorhurtz into second place, followed by Beahmoth, Bulldog BreedChaos 2 and Panic Attack. 

Series 1Edit

They fought in Heat A against Pussycat, Iron Awe and Kronic. They did not reach the heat final. 

Series 2Edit

Again Mute fought in Heat A, this time against Lightning, St Agro and KanOpener. They went through and continued to the heat final where they met 3rd seed Firestorm who they lost to. 

Mute II fought in Heat B and fought M2, Wheely Big Cheese and Stratosfear. They did not make the heat final. 
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