The first RoboGames event was held in early 2012. 15 Heavyweight robots from theUS and one from the UK competed. 4 Middleweights fought in a round robbin tournament and 4 lightweights also fought in their own round robbin tournament.

The second RG event was held in late 2012. The arena had been re-floored and was now much smoother. This season there were 32 heavyweights, # from the US and # from the UK. (citation needed)


Year 1: HW Wacker, 2nd Max Destruction, 3rd Sewer Snake, 4th Dementia

MW: Tigerfly, 2nd Fireant

File:IMG 0443.jpg

LW: Cassius Minor, 2nd Killer B

Year 2: HW Max Destruction, 2nd Sewer Snake, 3rd Ziggy

MW: Pipe Wench, 2nd Tigerfly, 3rd Little Flipper

LW: Minimum Underdrive, Cassius Minor

Notable eventsEdit