Preceded by RGS12, succeeded by RGW13

The RG12 Winter Cup was the second RG to be fought. The arena was fitted with a new floor which was smoother with no joins./the arena was also made perfectly rectangular. The rankings were based on finishing positions in the RoboGames12gh Summer Cup for the top 4 HW robots and was: 1) Wacker, 2) Max Destruction, 3) Sewer Snake, 4) Dementia. These 4 robots got byes in the first round.

Heavyweight FightsEdit

Main CompetitionEdit

Wacker V BYE 

MaxDastruction V BYE

Sewer Snake V BYE

Deme​ntia V BYE

Golddigger V Son of Ziggy '[OOTA, 37 secs]

Tanto V SPANNERS [OOTA 1.11]

Revolutionist V Biohazard [Judges: No serious damage. Revolutionist very aggressive. Last 10 secs Rev on side.]

Storm V WWoD [OOTA 19 secs]

CulMerde V Wild Child [Judges- 1.04 Both robots stuck twice, second on each other]

TheWasp V Origional Sin [Onside 56secs]

Panzer V Killer B [OOTA 50secs (Killer B needed unsticking once)]

Chewbot V Meltdown [TapOut (scared of flame inside) 40secs]

Colatteral D V Hedgehog [On side 1.30]

Boxer V Center Punch [Judges]

Max Overdrive V Something Must Die [OOTA 1.00]

Last Rites V Ragin Scotsman [On side 1.30]

Round 2Edit

Killer B V SonOfZiggy [OOTA 16secs]

Wacker V SMD [OOTA 29secs]

MaxDestruction V CulMerde [OOTA 8secs]

Boxer V Spanners [Tap out 45 secs]

Ragin Scotsman V Origional Sin [OOTA 15secs]

Dementia V Hedgehog [OOTA 1.19]

Storm V Biohazard [OOTA 1.07. Storm's sneaky selfright]

Sewer Snake V Meltdown [OOTA 18sec]

Round 3Edit

Dementia V SMD [OOTA 1.00]

SoZ V SewerSnake [OOTA 40secs]

OrigionalSin V Max Destruction [OOTA 0.26]

Storm V Spanners [OOTA 8 seconds- high side]

Round 4Edit

MaxDestruction V Storm [OOTA from one side to the other]

SMD V SewerSnake [OOTA 58secs]

Round 5 (semi final)Edit

Sewer Snake V Max Destruction

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