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1st RobogamesEdit

Followed by Robogames W12

 No ranks or seeds but favorites were Sewer Snake and Biohazard for HWs, Tigerfly (reigning world champ) for MW and Cassius and Killer B (reighning world champ) for LW. 

Revolutionist and SMD were also highly regarded. 


Year 1: HW Wacker, 2nd Max Destruction, 3rd Sewer Snake, 4th Dementia

MW: Tigerfly, 2nd Fireant

LW: Cassius Minor, 2nd Killer B==Heavyweight Fights== SMD V Wild Child [OOTA]

White Wedge of Doom V Wacker [KO then OOTA]

Killer B V Biohazard [Judges]

Maximum Overdrive V Max Destruction [OOTA (3 times bouncing off wall)]

Spanners V Dementia [Immobile on side]

Revolutionist V Colatteral Damage [KO]

File:IMG 0443.jpg

Sewer Snake V Center Punch [OOTA] Boxer V Chewbot [KO]

Quarter FinalsEdit

Boxer V Wacker [KO, pretty quickly]

Killer B V Sewer Snake [OOTA] Max Destruction V Revolutionist [On side then OOTA] SMD V Dementia [OOTA]

Semi FinalsEdit

Dementia V Wacker [KO]

Sewer Snake V Max Destruction [OOTA!!! First flip! Shock]


Wacker V Max Destruction [MD got no good flips, constantly getting knocked away. Then the drive broke, then flipper (and side fell open). Counted out after 2.30]

1. Wacker

2.Max Destruction

3.Sewer Snake

4.Dementia [OOTA]


A round robbin competition between 4 robots.

RG1 MW Comp
FlapJack Scout Tigerfly Fireant
FJ x FJ [OOTA] TF [OOTA13sec] FA[Judges. FA dominated]
Scout x TF [OOTA] FA [OOTA]
TF x TF [OOTA 1.46]

1st: Tigerfly, 2nd: Fireant, 3rd: Flapjack, 4th: Scout. 


RG1 LW Comp
Killer B Cassius Minor Panzer Min Underdrive
KB x Cassius [OOTA] KB [KO] KB [Judges]
CM x Cassius [OOTA] Cass[good fight, hit lexan 2x. well balanced, then OOTA]
P x MU [P Broke down, KO]
MU x

1st: Cassius Minor, 2nd: Killer B, 3rd: Min Underdrive, 4th: Panzer Junior. 


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