Winner was Sewer Snake, with Last Rites Running up

3,4,5,6,7,8th- Maximum Overdrive, Max Destruction, Spartan, Ragin Scotsman, Revolutionist, BreakerBox
File:IMG 1047.jpg


MD- Great, could do it twice.

Sewersnake- could be its year?

Heir of Secrecy- Wild card

HW Main CompetitionEdit

Revolutionist V Spanners

File:IMG 1046.jpg

WildChild's Wild Child (WCWC) V Max Destruction [1]

CenterPunch V Heir Of Secrecy

Hedgehog V Spartan 

WWOD V Meltdown

Gruff V Tempest

ChewBot V SewerSnake [2]

SMD V Gold Digger

Dementia V Ziggy [3]

CulMerde V Colateral Damage 

Origional Sin V RedBarron

Ragin Scotsman V The WASP

Carnage V Maximum Overdrive

Biohazard V Boxer

Wacker [4] V Killer B

Last Rites V BreakerBox Round 2

HW LoosersEdit

Middleweight Main CompetitionEdit

The finishing positions last year were Pipe Wench, TigerFly, Little Flippper, TSA. As Little Flipper did not enter this year the rankings were 1) PipeWench, 2) TigerFly, 3) TSA Inspected. 

Due to there being an odd number of robots, there was one preliminary qualifying round. From the robots (excluding the top 3) 2 were randomly drawn to fight each other. These were Scout and Torro. 

robots PW, TF, TSA, Fireant, Flapjack, scout, kinetic chaos, mortician, . 

TSA Inspected V FlapJack

Fireant V Mortician

Torro V Pipe Wench

TigerFly V KineticChaos


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