Single knockout. 2 seeds, both joint top- Beahmoth & Tornado.

6 heats of 4.

First Round FightsEdit

Dantomkia V Beahmoth [On side]

BotChoy V Beta [Immobile]

As pa

BotChoy V Dantomkia [Flipped]

Atom Smasher V Pannic Attack [Immobile]

Thermador V WBC [Both in pit after 20 seconds, rematch- T got upper hand]

Thermador V Pannic Attack [Always ontop, OOTA 2.30]

Fs and s

Pussycat V Storm II [pitted]

Firestorm V Chaos [judges, easy descision]

Storm V Firestorm [Judges, lots of aggression and control] 

259 V Buldog Breed [Counted out]


Tornado V Supernova [Judges, Damage (Tornaod more aggression and control)]

Supernova V BuldogBreed [KO 1.30]

Hypnodisk V Sabertooth [Knockout, all wheels off, Counted] 

Forkie V Typhoon [Forkie over, boring]

HypnoDisk V Typhoon [KO, boringish]

Lightning V Razor [KO, then attacked Matilda]

CRUSH V Dominator [KO, Impressive]

Razor V Dominator [Judges- Very close. Razor won damage points but smoking at the end. Dominator on back more. Extremely close, Razor wins].


Razor V Storm [KO fast]

Raz ko
Supernova V Dantomkia [KO]

Hypnodisk V Thermador [OOTA (close)]

Loosers MeleeEdit

Dantomkia V Storm V Hypnodisk

[DTK immobilised quickly. Hypno put into pit by Storm]

Dtk immobile hyp in pit


Razor V Thermador

Thermador getting lots of flips in. At very end Razor grabs Thermador and holds on flames for 6 seconds. Judges. 

Storm V Supernova
Raz ther

Long fight, Storm under Supernova and pushing them around and into the walls. Shunt involved when in CPZ. Storm knocked out a milisecond before time up but judges put them through. 


Supernova V Razor

Both scored damage. Shunt involved a lot. Razor's side armour came off. Another Judge's


Thermador V Storm

Alternating attacks, Storm under Therm a lot, but big flips from Therm. About a minute in Storm pushed both robots into the pit. Restarting the fight Storm was 

Super sunt

winning until with 14 seconds left Thermador got 3 flips in, putting Storm OOTA. 

Therm OOTA

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