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Typhoon wins on judges. DamageTyphoon, ControlStorm, AggressionStorm

19 seconds

19 second fight

Held after RW1


UK- Thermador

England- Storm

Wales- Pannic Attack

Scotland- Typhoon

US- Emergency

Aus- Shrederator

SriLanka- Supernova
Immobile on back

PA winning at start. Therm took over- even then SRImech broke

Canada- Complete Control

Ireland- TopBot [Withdrawn]

Alaska- SnowJob [Withdrawn]


Complete Control V Supernova

PA V Thermador

Shrederator V Emergency

Storm V Typhoon


Typhoon V Supernova [Supernova on top, then lost disk! KO by Typhoon!]

Thermador V Emergency [Complicated- Emergency on back]


Supernova on top easily- damage and aggression. 1 hit from winning when disk came off. Then ran away. In 2 hits Typhoon beat them. KO


Thermador V Typhoon [lots of flips, good final. Typhoon OOTA]


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