Winner: Kronic

Runner up: Dantomkia

3rd: Firestorm

4th: Atomic

5th: Ripper

6th: Merlin


Heat AEdit

Kan Opener, Atomic 2, Ewe, Infinity, Mute, Pussycat, Iron Awe, Kronic (4).

Winner: Atomic 2. Runner up: Ewe

Heat BEdit

Stinger, Ripper, RoadBlock, Thor, DuckBill, Chompalot, Thermadore, Storm (B2).

Winner: Ripper. Runner up: DuckBill

Heat CEdit

Chaos 2, Raging Knightmare, Stratosfear, Merlin, St Agro, Kronic 1, Spawn Again, Skater.

Winner: Merlin. Runner up: Chaos 2.

Heat DEdit

Suicidal Tendencies, Bulldog Breed, Panic Attack, Firestorm, Tough as Nails, Beahmoth, Yello, PianoMan.

Winner: Firestorm. Runner up: Bulldog Breed.

Heat EEdit

Hypnodisk, Terrorhurtz, Wheen O Saurus, Lightning, Storm, Big Nipper, Axe, Dantomkia.

Winner: Dantomkia. Runner up: Terrorhurtz.

Heat FEdit

Razer, Wheely Big Cheese, X-Terminator, Tornado, Kronic 3, 3x Feather.

Winner: Kronic 3. Runner up: 3x Feathers.


The first round of the finals took the form of two 3 way melees where the first robot eliminated was out, and the other two went through to the next round. After that it was 1 on 1 fights with

Melee 1Edit

Atomic V Kronic V Merlin

Eliminated: Merlin

Melee 2Edit

Dantomkia V Firestorm V Ripper

Eliminated: Ripper

5th Place Playoff: Merlin V Ripper

Winner: Ripper

Grand Final QualifiersEdit

Atomic V Dantomkia . Winner: Dantomkia

Firestorm V Kronic. Winner: Kronic

3rd Place Playoff: Firestorm V Atomic

Winner: Firestorm

Grand Final 1st WarsEdit

Kronic V Dantomkia

Winner: Kronic

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