RW3 series 3 was held in the SR, as was Series 2 it followed RW series 2. It was held in 2006 (or later) (based on presence of Turbulence). 


Seeing was based on performance in series 2. Again, the first 6 places were based on the robots finishing positions in series 1. Seeds 7 through 12 were runners up in their heat. They were ranked objectively by the judges based on their performance.

  1. Typhoon
  2. Dantomkia
  3. Ripper
  4. Tornado
  5. Tempest
  6. Atomic
  7. Kronic
  8. Mute
  9. adsdsf
  10. Chaos
  11. Firestorm
  12. T-Kronic
  13. New Merlin
  14. Old Merlin
  15. Razor
  16. Iron Awe 2.1
  17. Terrorhurtz
  18. Stratosfear
  19. fg
  20. CTB
  21. Little Chompalot
  22. Beast


The arena was shorter than in series 2 and the look changed significantly for

File:IMG 0756.jpg

the last time in series 3. The floor was now grey (not cream). The flipper was smaller and the CPZs painted differently.


Heat A 

Typhoon V Chaos 22 V Pressure V Blades of Destruction

Ripper 3 V Mega Hurtz Laptop V Kan Opener V Hydra

Typhoon V Kan Opener

Ripper 3 V Pressure

Typhoon V Ripper

Heat B

Ripper (3) V 13 Black V Thor II V Yello

Scorpion V MegaMorgue V Chip V Disco Inferno

Ripper V Scorpion

Chip V Thor II

Thor V Scorpion

Heat C

Supernova V Old Big Nipper V Grim Reaper V Pussycat

Wasp V Storm II V Hammer Head V Old Mute

Supernova V Storm II

Mute V Grim Reaper

Mute V Storm II

Heat D

Ewe V Black and Blue V Ansgar V St Agro

Razer (15) V Little Chomp (21) V Skator V 259

Ewe V Little Chomp

Razer V Ansgar

Razer V Ewe

Heat E

Dantomkia (2) V Daisy Cutter V SMIDSY V M2

Dominator V Thermador V Chompalot V T-Bone

Dantomkia V Chompalot

Thermadore V SMIDSY

Dantomkia V Thermadore

Heat F

Mute (8) V Old Ripper V Old Merlin (14) V Triangulator

Axe Awe V Old Storm V Typhoon Small Paper V ZA

Mute V Old Storm

ZA V Old Merlin

ZA V Mute

Heat G

Diotore V Tempest (5) V UFO V Reptirron

DuckBill V War Hog V Hypnodisk V MegaHurtz

Tempest V Megahurtz 

UFO V DuckBill

UFO V Tempest

Heat H

Iron Awe 2.1 (16)  V Terrorhurtz (17) V 101 V Big Merlin

CorkScrew V Gravity V Ruf Ruf Dougal V Axe

Terrorhurtz V CorkScrew

Iron Awe 2.1 V Gravity

Gravity V Terrorhurtz

Heat I 

Tornado (4) V Lego Kronic V Kronic the Wedgehog V Old Ewe

Wheely Big Cheese V X-Terminator V Zorro V Raging Knightmare

Tornado V Raging Knightmare

Wheely Big Cheese V Kronic the Wedge Hog

Tornado V Wheely Big Cheese

Heat J

Kronic (7) V Revolutionist V Iron Gore V Terminal Ferosity

Taurus V I-Bot-1-Beta V Beast (22) V Killer Karrot

Kronic V Killer Karrot

Beast V Iron Gore

Beast V Killer Karrot

Heat K

New Merlin (13) V Bulldog Breed V Iron Awe V Big Nipper

Infinity V Tough as Nails V Stratosfear (18) V URO

New Merlin V Stratosfear

Bulldog Breed V TAN

Bulldog Breed V Merlin

H'eat L'

Big Paper Typhoon V Atomic (6) V Scrap Dragon V Kronic 3

Old Iron Awe V Suicidal Tendencier V Old Thor V Lightning

Atomic V Suicidal Tendencies

Thor V Scrap Dragon

Atomic V Scrap Dragon

Heat M

Turbulence V Chaos 2 V Stinger V Velossaripper

Ripper 2 V Beahmoth V Mighty Mouse V T-Firestorm

Chaos 2 V Ripper 2

Turbulence V Beahmoth

Turbulence V Chaos 2

Heat N 

Old Atomic V Firestorm V T-Old Ripper V Big Beahmoth

Pannic Attack V Spawn Again V Agrobot V Death Bot

Deathbot V Firestorm

Pannic Attack V Old Atomic

Pannic Attack V Firestorm

Heat O 

Big Bulldog Breed V T-Kronic V T Merlin V T-Atomic

T-Typhoon Brick V T-IronAwe V T-Small Beahmoth V T-Revolutionist

T-Kronic V T-Small Beahmoth

T-Revolutionist V T-Atomic

T-Small Beahmoth V T-Atomic

Heat P

T-Hurtz V Wacker V Thunderbird V T-Small Revolutionist

CTB (20) V -Kan Opener V ROCKS V T-Storm 

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