Series 1 World Championship Won by Kronic==

England: KronicDantomkiaFirestorm

Wales: Pannic AttackInfinity, Scrap Dragon

Holland: Tough as Nails, Gravity, Hammerhead

Scotland: Typhoon

Germany: Ansgar

Mars: Lightning

Legoland: Spinner


Kronic V Scrap Dragon V Lightning V TAN

Typhoon V Ansgar V Infinity

Dantomkia V Pannic Attack V Hammerhead

Firestorm V Spinner V Gravity


Spinner V Kronic

Typhoon V Dantomkia


Dantomkia V Kronic

Winner: England- Dantomkia

Series 2 World ChampionsipEdit

England: Typhoon, Dantomkia, Ripper

Wales: Pannic Attack, Infinity, Mega Morgue

Holland: Tough as Nails, Gravity, Hammerhead

Germany: Ansgar

Mard: Lightning

Legoland: Ewe

Round 1

Typhoon V Pannic Attack V Hammer Head

Mega Morgue V Ansgar V Lightning

Ewe V Gravity V Infinity

Dantomkia V Ripper V TAN


Lightning V Dantomkia

Ewe V Pannic Attack


Ewe V Dantomkia

Winner: England- Dantomkia

Series 3 possibly 4 World ChampionshipsEdit

Wales: Scrap Dragon, Pannic Attack, Mega Morgue

England: Terrorhurtz, Killer Karrot, Tornado

Germany: I BOT 1, Ansgar

Holland: Gravity 2, TAN

USA: Sewer Snake, Revolutionist

ShriLanka: Supernova

Scotland: Typhoon

City Desert: ZA, Taurus

Legoland: Nipper

Ireland: Diotore

Round 1

Supernova V Diotore V Gravity

Terrorhurtz V Sewer Snake V Typhoon

Tornado V Nipper V I-BOT

Killer Karrot V ZA V Pannic Attack


Gravity V Tornado

ZA V Typhoon


ZA V Gravity

Winner: Holland- Gravity

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