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Sewer Snake is a US robot with an electrical lifter.?

Battle BotsEdit


Robot WarsEdit


Robo GamesEdit

Season 1Edit

Sewer Snake was a favorite for season 1. They first fought Center Punch and flipped them OOTA. In the nect round they met Killer B, a similar style of robot. They also went OOTA. In the semi finals they met Maximum Destruction . Both robots had performed well up to this point but it was though that SS could out menouver MD. However in one flip MD had sent SS over the barrier and out of the competition. 

In the 3rd place fight they beat Dementia convincingly by flipping them OOTA again. 

Season 2Edit

Sewer Snake was ranked 3rd and therefore given a bye in the first round. In the second round they flipped the flamethrower of Meltdown OOTA in 18 seconds. Then they did the same to Son of Ziggy in 44 seconds. 

In the next round SS took on SomethingMustDie, a powerful veteron flipper. This posed a serious challenge but SS won in 58 seconds by getting SMD OOTA. 

In the final qualifyer SS fought Maximum Destruction. As MD had beaten SS so quickly and easily the previous year SS was apprehensive. But again, they fought for 22 seconds, but even with careful driving were unable to propperly attack MD and were flipped OOTA again. 

As they lost in the final qualifyer they only had one loosers fight. It was, again, against Ziggy. It was a closely fought match, but SS put Ziggy out of the arena first. This meant they could fight MD again in the main competition. 

Again SS were tactical, but unable to get under MD. After 22 seconds MD managed to flip SS OOTA and put them into second place.

Roaming RobotsEdit

In RR 8th UKChamp SS competed in the 4th event, getting to the semi final. Here they fought Gravity in what would be voted best fight of the year. They lost out on a judges decision. 

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