Special events in Robot Wars and Roaming Robots.

Animal AnticsEdit

AA 1. Round 1:

Mighty Mouse V Bulldog Breed

Kronic V Mega Morgue

Beast V Chompalot

Headless Horseman V Sewer Snake

Round 2:

Bulldog Breed V Kronic

Sewer Snake V Beast


Beast V Bulldog Breed

Winner: Bulldog Breed.

Animal Antics 2 (Roaming Robots X-Mas 2012)Edit

Wasp V Kronic V Beast

Buldog Breed V Ewe V DuckBill

Pussycat V Beahmoth V Thermador V Mighty Mouse

Loosers: Mighty Mouse V Beast V Kronic & Ewe V DuckBill (DuckBill destroyed self on floor!). So Ewe fought Beast.


File:IMG 0633.jpg

Bulldog Breed V Beahmoth

Wasp V Beast


Wasp V Beahmoth

Final wasn't close. Wasp wins their 3rd title this year. 

File:IMG 0630.jpg

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