Tempest 1Edit

Tempest 1 was a large yellow and black box, with a large scoop on the front. Technical help came from John from Team Ripper. The strategy was to pick up the opponent and drop them in the pit. The Tempest made the final six in series 2. In the final the entire scoop was removed by Tornado and Ripper and Tempest ended in the pit. (citation)

Tempest 2Edit

Tempest 2 was a low, double wedged box with an embedded pit. The strategy of this robot was to trap the opponent in the pit on top, then use the in built jack to push them, out into the pit. Tempest 2 was considerably less successful that Tempest 1, reaching only round ???? (citation needed).
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Tempest 3Edit

Tempest 3 was different to the previous Tempests. It was a black, wedged robot with a large flipper on the front. It was designed in parallel with team A-Z's Headless Horseman. It reached the final four in series 5? (citation needed). 

Series 2Edit

In the first round of their heat they fought Weird Alice, Grim Reaper andIron Awe New. In the heat final they fought and beat New Merlin. 

In the semi finals they beat Chaos 2 by putting them into the pit. 

In the next round they fought Ripper and Tornado. Ripper scored flips against Tempest until Tempest's scoop came off. Tempest then nearly went down the pit but escaped. Outcome: Tornado and Ripper qualify by Judges Descision. Tempest was eliminated. 

In the 5th/ 6th playoff Tempest fought Atomic. Lots of flips, but Atomic gets stuck on the arena flipper and was controversially counted out. Tempest takes 5th and Atomic 6th.