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Terrorhurtz was the winner of RW series 4. They also won Roaming Robots. Other finals/ achievments


Winning series 4, beating Atomic 2 in the final. To win they also beat: BLAH

Series 1Edit

Terrorhurtz competed in Heat E in series 1. In their first round they fought Hypnodisk, Wheel O saurus and Lightning. They made it to the heat final where they lost to Dantomkia who went on to finish second.

Series 2Edit

For series 2 Terrorhurtz was seeded 9th due to their heat final loss in series 1. They fought in Heat E against Pussycat, Typhoon paper and Hammerhead. They did not make it to the heat final of series 2. 

Series 5Edit

They hold the record as the reigning champion who was eliminated earliest in the competition. This record was set in their opening melee of series 5 against Lightning, blah and blah. Terrorhurtz's axe shaft snapped and they were flipped over, leaving them defenceless for Lightning to push into the pit.


Terrorhurtz still competes and recently reached the semi-final stage of the RR UK championships, but then pulled out of the competition, partly to make the numbers work, and partly because "we've had our time, I doubt very much that we could win or finish in the top few spots this year, with this quality of robot around. We only just made it to the finals as if we win, we want to do it in style. We are not leaving the sport, just calling it a year here. We'll be back".