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TigerFly is one of the most sucessful Middleweight robots. Built in the US it is an electrically powered flipper.


TigerFly won the BattleBots world championships. They were clearly the best robot in the competition by a considerable margin.

Tiger Fly also won the RG S12 middleweight cup, beating every other robot in the round robbin competition easily. They looked nearly impossible to beat.

In the RG W12 cup TigerFly lost to PipeWench twice and came runner up in the competition.

RoboGames 12gh Summer CupEdit

The RG S12 middleweight cup was a round robbin tournament between TigerFly, Scout, Flapjack and Fireant. TigerFly beat every other robot in the competition and therefore won the cup. As in the BB World Championships they easily beat the competition.

RoboGames 12gh Winter CupEdit

In the RG W12 middleweight cup TigerFly was a strong favorite. But Matt Maxxham had build a robot which was designed to take on TigerFly, PipeWench. TigerFly lost to PipeWench twice and came runner up in the competition.

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