Tornado competed in every series from 1 to 7 of RW. Their greatest victory was winning the 3rd Wars.

Tornado pullback

Tornado with their spinning weapon


Tornado won the 3rd wars, beating Killer Karrot in the grand final.

They also won the sumo in Extreme, pushing Shunt off in less that 2 seconds, easily beating the runner up, Storm, who pushed Shunt off in 7 seconds.


Tornado has remained unchanged since the first series, the only modifications being changes to possible wepons.


Mini tornado

Tornado in plain wedge mode

Tornado has always had a spinning disk, and plain wedge option. Additional interchangable options have featured:
  • Anti crush devices
  • A filpper/ lifter
  • Anti Axe devices

Series 1Edit

Tornado fought Kronic and 3 Featherweights in round one. They lost in the first round.

Series 2Edit

Tornado was seeded 12th as a wild card, despite loosing in the first round of series 1. They fought Thermadore, Scrap Dragon and Tough as Nails in the first round and progressed with Thermadore. They met Thermadore again in the Heat Final where they beat them. 

In the first round of the semi final Tornado fought number 1 seed Kronic. Despite what was predicted, the 12th seed beat the 1st seed by pitting them. 

In the second semifinal round Tornado fought Tempest and Ripper. Ripper and Tornado somewhat ganged upon Tempest as it looked like they were weaker, especially aster they lost thir lifting scoop. Tempest was eliminated. 

In the grand final qualifyers Tornado fought Typhoon. They mounted their Anti Crusher Device to try to stop Typhoon getting close enough to the body to do damage. But Typhoon managed to do enough damage to immobilise Tornado and knock them out of the competition. 

3rd place playoff: Tornado fought Ripper. Ripper flipped Tornado around the arena until it was on it's side and counted out. They took 4th place in series 2. 


Tornado has officially retired from combat, though they do occasionally reappear for static demos.