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Achievments Edit

Typhoon won RW series 2, beating Dantomkia by knockout in the final. It was the first series they competed in. They then fought with the same (though adapted) machine until series 7 (citation needed).

Typhoon was also runner up in the BB/RW International Champtionships, loosing out in the final to Germany's Tsunami

Typhoon also won the Pass the Bomb event in Extreme.


Typhoon was one of the first robots to be made, by the Edinburgh Air cadets, for the RW pilot series, along side Atomic, Tornado and Chaos .
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Series 2Edit

In the first round of their heat they fought Mega Morgue, Beast and Terminal Ferocity. They progressed with Beast, who they met again in the heat final. They beat Beast here by knockout. 

In the first round of the semi final they fought Firestorm and beat them with a knockout. By this stage Typhoon were looking like a dark horse for the series, although Dantomkia were a serious threat. 

In the next round they fought Atomic and Dantomkia, immobilising Atomic and breaking the arena wall. After the fight was restarted Atomic were briefly mobile again. Typhoon immobilised Dantomkia AND Atomic, but Atomic went in the pit first so was eliminated. 

In the first round of the finals Typhoon fought Tornado. Tornado fitted their anti crusher devise, to stop Typhoon getting close and inflicting damage. This evidently failed as they were knocked out by Typhoon. Another KO.

In the Grand Final they fought Dantomkia again. DTK got a lot of good attempted flips in at the start but none were sucessful. Typhoon dominated the second half of the fight, getting some serious hits in, but none that KO'd DTK. DTK was slowed by the time the match ended but survived to a judged descision. 

Judges decision:

  • Agression: Typhoon
  • Control: Dantomkia
  • Style: Dantomkia
  • Damage: Typhoon

Typhoon was the winner of RW Series 2. 


Typhoon retired after series 7 (citation needed). The robot is still intact and battle worthy, and very rarely appears for demos. The team has no intention of fighting again.

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