The UK MW championships 12gh was held at the xmas RL event, after Animal Antics

Not a true Double knockout competition, but there were several ways for loosers of the first and second round to re-enter the main competition.


Jabow, Hydra Mini, Little Flipper, Little Spinner, FireAnt, PipeWench, Wasp Jr. Dragon King, Chaos 22 and Ticket to Ride. 


Jabow was a top favorite after previous success in UK MW competitions. Little Flipper has also previouslyperformed well in UK and US MW competitions. Pipe Wench was held in high regard after their sucess in the US championships recently. Wasp Jr was viewed as a potential wild card favorite, after the sucess of the teams HW robot. However the MW was relatively untested and unknown...


Mini Hydra V Pipe Wench
File:IMG 0735.jpg

Hydra out in 5 seconds!

Little Spinner V Wasp Jr.

LS got one good hit in, then OOTA after 14 secs.

Jabow V Ticket to Ride

Long fight, TTR lower at front and back so get most good attacks. Judges: Ticket to Ride through.

Dizzy Tilly V Fire Ant
File:IMG 0736.jpg

DT not heavy enough to do damage. In pit within a minute. 

Little Flipper V Dragon King

DK pushing LF around arena for 25 seconds. Then goes to open pit. 1 flip leaves them OOTA. LF through. 

Bye V Chaos 22


1st round loosers (to re-enter competition)Edit

Dragon King V Dizzy Tilly V Little Spinner

LS pitted by DK. Well driven. Then DT bounced into pit too but excaped. Re pitted by DK after 36 secs. 

Jabow V Hydra

Hydra in pit 37 secs. 

So- Jabow V Dragon King to re enter competition

Jabow flipped on first impact. Even fight. Jabow opened pit at 30 sec and instantly pushed down it by DK. DK wins. 

Main CompEdit

Pipe Wench V Little Flipper

Little flips by LF but one slow controled lift by PW ended them. 10 secs OOTA. 

Wasp V Ticket To Ride

Over and counted out at 34 (continued to OOTA for fun).

Chaos 22 V FireAnt

Chaos getting lots of flips in, winning at start. Near end FA coming back. Going towards a close JD but with 4 secs left Chaos fliped FA OOTA.


Fireant V Dragon strike V Little Flipper V Ticket to Ride

10 seconds DK OOTA by LF. 1.15 TTR counted out- flipped by LT. 1.50 FA OOTA by LF.

Main CompetitionEdit

Semi Finals

Chaos 22 V Little Flipper
File:IMG 0740.jpg

Not really a fight, Chaos OOTA 10 seconds

Pipe Wench V Wasp Jnr

PW OOTA 9 seconds

3rd Place Playoff

Pipe Wench V Chaos 22

2.08 Chaos 22 OOTA. Flipper broke halfway through. No hope after that. 


Wasp Jnr V Little Flipper

Good fight. Both robots could have won it. But neither did. Went to judges decision at 3 mins. Very close. But Wasp jnr had more flips and more effective flips. Closer to winning more and in control of more of the fight. So Wasp Jnr was declaired winner and MW Champion. 

File:IMG 0750.jpg
File:IMG 0752.jpg

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