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Wasp fought in series # to 7. They fought with 1 robot, though it was upgraded several times. In RR 12gh they became the 8th UK champion. 


Wasp won the 12gh UK Championships

Roaming RobotsEdit

In the RR 12gh championship Wasp was seeded 3rd. They lost in the first round of the first event and scored 0. In the second event they did slightly better, making the quarter finals and scoring 2 points. In the 3rd event however they came 1st, scoring 8 points and securing a place in the semi finals. 

In the semi finals Wasp was drawn against 6th seeds Envy, who they flipped out in 28 seconds. They then fought Bulldog Breed, again flipping them OOTA in 9 seconds (a fight with a lot of fast flips). In the next round they fought and beat Silver Fling Thing in 12 seconds, again with an OOTA. In the winners final they fought Iron Awe. Their closest match yet, but it still ended in 11 seconds with IA OOTA. So far the combined fighting time for Wasp in the semi finals was Exactly 1 minute. In the Grand Final they fought Silver Fling Thing again. This time SFT lasted much longer. A very close fight, with both robots close to the edge multiple times. Either could have won but at 1.37 Wasp flipped SFT over the barrier and OOTA. Winning UK Champs.

Featherweight, Wasp Jnr. Edit