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The X-Terminator team has fought in every RW event from series 1. They also fought in a number of BB events, and won season # of BB. X-Terminator fought in all 7 RW. They fought with 3 machines, the last two being very similar to each other.


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The first X-Terminator had a heavy disc on the front. It couldn't spin up to a great speed however so it could cause limited to no damage. It was also very front heavy which lead to drive problems.

XT2 was a much larger robot. The chassis lacked structural ridgidity but the team decided it was worth this sacrafice to allow for a large weapon motor. This seemed to pay off as the robot won BB season #, beating BLAH in the final. The robot also won Fight of th Season award for their match against Dragon Strike, which XT2 won.

Series 1Edit

In heat F they fought Razor and Wheely Big Cheese. They lost in the first round. 

Series 2Edit