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Son of Ziggy

There have been two robots from the Ziggy family. Ziggy, whio competes in RW and BB, and Son of Ziggy who competed in RG.



Ziggy was the only robot ever to beat a Heavyweight Cassius. They did so in the first round of the semi finals of RW series 7 when they met the Blue Cassius.

Ziggy reached the second round of the UK semi finals in series 7.

Son of ZiggyEdit

Son of Ziggy was made for the? RoboGames 12gh Winter Cup. Ziggy had been taken apart and efectively scrapped.? Son of Ziggy was built on knowlege gained from Ziggy.


Son of Ziggy came 3rd in the RoboGames 12gh Winter Cup, loosing out to Sewer Snake and Maximum Overdrive.?

Robo Games Winter Cup 12ghEdit

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